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About Us

Established in Melbourne in 1958, Smithweld has specialised in bending, curving and ring rolling steel and alloy sections for more than 50 years. During this period Smithweld has built a solid reputation for service excellence to the industry.


Smithweld's capabilities are a demonstratable result of a continuing long term commitment to development and implementation of leading technologies and skills, and a dedication to servicing industry.



Smithweld maintains an in-house standard of quality which exceeds general quality requirements for most customers. Customer specific quality control requirements are readily integrated into Smithweld's quality system.



Smithweld's technology inventory includes a wide range of specialist machinery covering all of the principal section bending techniques:


  • Cold Rolling- up to 610 UB, 250 n.b pipe, etc

  • Mandrel Bending- up to 150 n.b pipe, etc.


  • Plate rolling

  • Former Wrapping


Apart from specialist machinery and tooling, Smithweld has a dedicated team of skilled operators who are innovative and enjoy a challenge. One-off and production bending is catered for, with small to large bend diameters in the widest range of materials and sizes available. Smithweld can supply a full range of sections for bending, or bend customer supplied sections as required.


It is Smithweld's policty to continually increase section bending capabilities. If the required section size or curvature is not shown, please enquire.


Smithweld metal section bending rolling curving
Smithweld metal section bending rolling curving
Smithweld metal section bending rolling curving
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